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There are many myths and stories about archons. Most of them revolve around archons being the rulers of planets or the creators of humans. In order to heal from these distortions, we have to see them for what they are. Archons can be described as tyrannical beings who use technology to enforce controller archetypes.

Their strategies can be defined as follows: [1]Ascension Glossary

1. Divide and Conquer

2. Victim/Victimizer

3. Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misery

4. Child Abuse and Child Sacrifice

5. Misogyny


Archontic Deception Strategies

Divide and Conquer

In this society there are always reasons to divide people, as opposed to trying to find a point of unity. We get wrapped up in minor issues, circular debates, and nonsense that keeps us from working together in harmony.

Within unified groups, divide and conquer will rear it’s ugly head when suspicions, judgments, character assassination, jealousy, and unresolved issues get thrown into the mix. This is a psychological warfare strategy that we have to be aware of so we don’t fall prey to it.

One way to learn is to read the books with psychopathic overtones that are promoted as personal success or personal development books. An example is The Art of War which states, “By discovering the enemy’s dispositions and remaining invisible ourselves, we can keep our forces concentrated, while the enemy’s must be divided.”

This strategy infiltrates businesses, personal interest groups, charitable organizations, families, friendships and all aspects of life.



This is a predatory system of control which has numerous tentacles that enforce death culture.

This manifests as using threats, intimidation, and abuse as a way of life; using seduction as a life strategy, pretending to befriend someone to get access to resources, doing everything for someone so that they cannot become self sufficient, spreading malicious gossip, causing chaos within harmonious situations, inciting betrayal or abandonment dramas, mistaking someone as a potential life partner and the stalking/emotional drama that can ensue from that.

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misery

The relationships between women and men can be a very sensitive subject. We are so powerful when we are unified in love, and that is why the archontic culture promotes the opposite of that.

Blatant sexual assaults and abuses fall under this strategy, as well as more insidious tactics. Having sexual conquests, polyamory, emotional unavailability, runner/chaser dynamics, unrequited love dramas, sexual addictions and fetishes, improprietous “friendships” that interfere with one’s relationship, wanting relationships based on appearances or status, having jealousy within a relationship are all examples of sexual misery. [2]Personal notes 5/21/22.

This has been a problem on Earth. “The racial memory contains all that has been experienced. Thus there is some, shall we say, contamination even of the sexual, this showing mostly in your own culture as the various predispositions to adversary relationships, or, as you call them, marriages, rather than the free giving one to another in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator.” [3] Law of One

Child Abuse and Child Sacrifice

The Archontic Deception Strategy socially engineers society to target children in order to power from negative emotional energy, and profits where they can be found.

In the United States, approximately 1 out of every 4 girls and 1 out of every 6 boys is sexually abused. It is important to know that abusers often “groom” or use manipulative tactics, such as buying gifts, arranging special activities, exposing children to inappropriate materials, and roughhousing to keep a child confused about the abuser’s motives. [4]Fact Retriever

Furthermore, human trafficking is an estimated $150 billion-a-year global industry. 26 percent of human trafficking victims are children. [5]Zoe

Child sacrifice is usually associated with religious violence which promotes these rituals in order to please a deity.

There are many long term effects of experiencing childhood abuse. “Psychological consequences range from chronic low self-esteem to severe dissociative states. The cognitive effects of abuse range from attentional problems and learning disorders to severe organic brain syndromes. Behaviorally, the consequences of abuse range from poor peer relations all the way to extraordinarily violent behaviors.” [6] The National Academies Press This provides a great source of negative energy to prevent the growth and expansion of human consciousness worldwide.


The hatred of women and girls is not Godly, holy, or the natural way of life. Both women and men can display misogynistic behaviors and thought forms.

Believing that women are dumb or inferior to men, treating women as sex objects, proclaiming that emotions are stupid, forcing women to be economically dependent, taking away women’s birth choices and abilities to make decisions for their children, patriarchal domination abuse tactics, and toxic feminine archetypes are all examples of misogyny.

Yet, all humans have both feminine and masculine energies. Furthermore, one cannot access the heart and soul without connecting to the feminine. When we are disconnected from our inner balance, we are weakened.

Remedies to Archontic Deception

Living in alignment to the Law of One and practicing virtues work as a force to cleanse away archontic behavior.

In particular, displaying empathy, mental openness, emotional stability, responsibility, honesty, sovereignty, reality assessment, and unified cooperation help to overcome these anti-life forces. [7]Ascension Glossary

March 3, 2023