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Creativity is Not Dead

I’ve been reading that people feel that creativity has been conquered, art is dead, and writing skills are becoming obsolete because AI has been released to mimic these forms of expression.

Yet the empowerment is that we don’t have to accept it. We don’t “have” to use AI to write our emails or letters or articles. We can choose not to participate, and continue to write from our hearts. We don’t have to use AI to create art. We can choose to develop our skills just as we have before. We can create communities of artists and art students who stick to human forms.

Our choices are not dead just because we’ve been handed options to steer us in the direction of slavery and self-annihilation. We have the power to say, “I do not consent to the slow release of technocratic totalitarianism.”

And though our hearts may get weary, we cannot worry about what everyone else is going to do. We must focus on where we place our consent. That will allow us to align with others who are on the same frequency.

Don’t be discouraged because this is all apart of the game that has been in play for a long time. We are reaching the pinnacle of spiritual warfare, and now it’s time to choose timelines. It is empowering to know that we can choose for ourselves regardless of what others are doing.

Finally, as with everything else that is within our being – our creativity can be copied, but it will never be the true essence.

May the truth that is within you shine forth and connect you to the love within that purges all that is artificial.