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Humility Is Not Humiliation

I used the wrong color for a piece of artwork that was depicting a cosmic reality.

While working on the design I thought there was something odd about one part of the work, but I brushed it off. After I was done and ready to move on, my higher self made sure I got the message that the color was wrong, and it needed to be changed. I dreaded the task because it was going to take a long time to redo it.

However, I knew that it was important because the wrong color will give the wrong vibe. Others were going to see the artwork, and for me to leave it with that type of inaccuracy would have been irresponsible. I decided to suck it up and make the change. When it was complete, I was amazed because it looked so much better. While changing the color, I changed the concept a bit which added a beauty that it didn’t have before.

My higher self told me that the color was wrong, but the experience was a test to see if I was humble enough to admit my mistake and correct it.

— — —

The word humility may vibrate in a way that makes us uncomfortable, but the essence of the meaning is pure. When we have a sense of humility, we can learn from our mistakes and protect ourselves from acting out harmful behaviors fueled by the negative ego.

There is a false sense of humility where people make themselves smaller to make others comfortable, or when people are working on overcoming low self-esteem issues and they are prone to denigrating themselves. That is not what is being discussed here.

Bringing things back to balance and harmony reveals the wisdom in knowing that we are all valued, everyone has a purpose, and no one needs to justify themselves. We can be humble and admit when we are wrong, recognize and celebrate when others may have skills that we don’t have, and control our base impulses without falling into some sort of negative downward spiral. [1]

True humility is not a threat to us. It’s a powerful ally.

Our pride is an obstacle to developing our understanding, compassion, and boundless love. When we are humble we have nothing to fear, nothing to lose. We easily flow with the circumstances that we find ourselves in and are endlessly open to learn, to practice, and to transform ourselves.

–Thich Nhat Hanh in Joyfully Together: The Art of Building a Harmonious Community.

Cultivating a Humble Heart

Affirmations are a favorite tool in my box because words create worlds. Here are some words to help bring in the energy of having a humble presence. The important thing is to only accept what resonates with your loving heart and let the rest fall away.

1. I am whole, complete, and balanced within myself.
2. I accept myself just as I am.
3. I value myself and I value others.
4. I listen when people are talking to me.
5. I give freely from my heart without expectation.
6. I have feelings and emotions, but I am not my feelings and emotions. [2]
7. I am the eternal self.
8. I share my talents and gifts in service to others.
9. I am committed to expanding my consciousness.


[1] Ascension Glossary
[2] Dr. Joshua David Stone