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Inner Alchemy Technique: Merit

One should train in deeds of merit
That yield long-lasting happiness:
Generosity, a balanced life,
Developing a loving mind.

By cultivating these three things,
Deeds yielding happiness,
The wise person is reborn in bliss
In an untroubled happy world.
– Buddha

Alchemy is the process of transforming or combining elements into something new. To be reborn into the highest expression available to us at a particular time, we have to transform. Internal transformations take place before external manifestations. Building merit is one way to transform.

Merit is is a beneficial and protective force which accumulates as a result of good deeds, acts, or thoughts. It results from good deeds done; it is capable of attracting good circumstances in a person’s life, as well as improving the person’s mind and inner well-being. In Buddhist texts and practice, giving is considered the easiest of the three bases of merit. Giving helps to overcome selfishness and stills the mind; it prepares the mind for the practice of virtue. [1][1]

Tips for Transformation [2][2]
To have security in life – don’t steal or superimpose.
To have a peaceful family life – avoid wrongful conduct.
To have pure speech and mind – give up lying.
To have more effective words – give up harsh language.
To become wise and dignified – give up frivolous speech.
To develop kindness and gentleness- give up hatred.

How can you cultivate more peace in this situation? By remembering the love that is in your heart. You’ll have to completely change the way you think about this. Let go of how the story is presenting itself and embrace your loving and giving nature. Give a kind word of encouragement, give a positive thought or well wish, give forgiveness and compassion. This is how to maintain peace during this unfortunate circumstance. [3][Personal Download 4/25/23]


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