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Ode to the Genetic Pathcutters

Soul contract of a genetic pathcutter

“I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world

to live up to mine.” – Bruce Lee

There are many expectations to participate in narratives that are not aligned with ones true self. It starts with being born into a family which comes with all sorts of inherited patterns, beliefs, expectations, and miasma.

As children we do what is required to get through the experience. Sometimes this comes easily, and other times it can be quite a struggle. It just depends on the person and the situation. However, as adults we do not have to keep the same patterns that we had as children.

Everyone’s path is different. However, if we are living an experience that requires a deep level of reclamation then we eventually learn the need to discern when it’s time to go with the flow, and when it’s time to cut a new path.

Going with the flow seems to be the default expectation – this is “how things are done”, so we do them. On the other hand, cutting a new path is not as simple. Yet sometimes that is the call of our soul.

A Genetic Pathcutter is a soul with a contract to clear, release, heal and/or override various cellular patterns, biological issues, and DNA imprints. Each contract has its own unique vibration. A genetic pathcutter can start by clearing their ancestral line, and if enough progress is made sometimes they will also clear patterns in the planet as a whole. Yet the work can be difficult. This is what it sometimes looks like:

  • Going through the process of having a disease and then overcoming it.
  • Living with strange bouts of physical symptoms.
  • Feeling confused about how you were born into a family that doesn’t resonate with you at all.
  • Feeling led to do different physical detox protocols.
  • Cutting off contact with destructive family members as an act of self-preservation.
  • Letting go of old traditions and customs in order to find practices that are in alignment with the current moment.
  • Focusing on bringing forth authenticity and letting go of the mask that makes it easier to fit in.
  • Learning how to set better boundaries as a path to releasing the guilt, shame, and expectations of others.

Every path is different. But no matter what the circumstances are, it’s important to know that you have the right to make decisions that lead to your highest possible expression, you have the right to live a peaceful and sane life, your experiences are valid, your feelings are important, and you are lovable and truly loved.

Here are some affirmations that may be helpful with the process.

– I choose to stay in harmony with myself.

– I accept full responsibility for my life.

– I now fully recognize that I have always been lovable, and I will always be.

– I am safe and protected.

– I deserve to be calm and serene.

– I gain strength and courage each day.

Created on January 5, 2022 – Last Updated on March 30, 2023 by Jennifer Nelson