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The Spiritual Properties of Copper

Copper came into my awareness when I felt like I should be drinking out of copper straws. I ordered them on April 6, 2021. Later on I decided that I wanted some copper bracelets. I ordered them on October 2, 2021.

Awhile later on December 22, 2021 I ordered some chelated copper because I heard that it could be useful in maintaining one’s original hair color; or in other words it could help to avoid gray or white hairs.

I also took an interest in precious metals and how they would relate to restructuring the economic system to be more aligned to natural laws. I saw that people were interested in storing silver and gold. My intent was to order silver, but I order some copper coins on January 8, 2022 at 2:22pm according to my receipt (I also added some silver to my order).

I started to wonder – “okay, what’s up with the copper?” I knew there had to be a spiritual meaning.

According to astrology copper is an alchemical metal that falls under Taurus. I wondered what kind of changes it could create.

My inner guidance told me that the relevance of copper was that it had the alchemy needed to transcend bi-wave forces in order to embody the triwave; in other words from lunar to solar.

Here are some other perspectives on copper.

Notes on copper:

“To the alchemist, Venus/Copper represents the love and compassion needed to become a well-rounded individual. It is the balanced psychological energy of Venus/Copper that allows the alchemist to evaluate experiences through one’s inner eye and bring those powerful insights into conscience awareness.” [1]https://www.thewonderingalchemist.com/blog/7-planets-and-metals-venuscopper

“It is believed that a copper vessel has the power to balance the elements present in the mind-body by positively charging its contents.” [2]https://www.thethreadjournal.com/copper-the-material-of-venus/

“Copper runs in the veins of the earth just like it flows through the veins of the human body…Copper protects the lining of blood vessels and myelin. It also supports energy production.” [3]https://www.invisiblearchitecture.com/copper-the-metal-of-venus/

“Turacoverdin is a unique copper uroporphyrin pigment responsible for the bright green coloration of several birds of the family Musophagidae, most notably the turaco.” [4]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turacoverdin

“The ancient Egytians used copper to sterilize wounds and clean their drinking water. They even wrote about it in one of the oldest known medical texts, the Smith Papyrus, which is over four thousand years old.” [5]https://indianapublicmedia.org/amomentofscience/the-germ-killing-power-of-copper.php

“As a conductor, this vital metal is known to stimulate psychic energy. For those whos intuition needs a boost, this is a great tool to keep around…”

“In their picture writing the Egyptians used the Ankh sign for copper. Appropriately it was also the symbol of Eternal Life; and as that still happens to be one of the main features of copper, it is used everywhere today for the metal.”

This last point reminded me of….

“…the Ankh and Cruxansatea have several different meanings spanning from specific forms of energy architecture and lightbody formation which causes liquid plasma solar activations, as well as coded symbolism. The Ankh symbolism has been the access code for building our Solar Christ body by opening the inner portal system in our Solar Star or 10th gate. The Ankh symbol is a sacred symbol of the hierogamic template made between the divine masculine and divine feminine when united to become the Universal Solar Christ merged with the Seven Sacred Suns of the Godhead.” [8]https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Universal_Ankh_Body

Personal Responsibility is Freedom

Just like with anything (such as water), it is possible to consume too much copper. As always, please use your personal discernment about your particular energetic situation.

Created on February 4, 2022 – Last Updated on May 29, 2022 by Jennifer Nelson


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