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Unified Cooperation

Trinity Wave

We live in a world where we are taught to avoid pain and discomfort through denial, addiction, magical thinking, or entitlement. Yet, there are so many layers and complexities to the multidimensional human experience.

Sometimes we are placed in difficult situations so that the experience can offer some sort of transformation for ourselves, others, or both. We see this in examples when people have gone through a difficulty, and they dedicate their lives to helping others with that same difficulty. This also happens on unseen levels. We aren’t always aware of the types of clearings, healings, and transformations that our presence and energy offers to others.

In order to grow spiritually and emotionally, we must be willing to deal with life as it comes, without placing judgments on ourselves or others. This requires a heart-based attitude where one realizes that self-care is important; yet behaving in a self-serving manner damages unity, or unified cooperation between groups and individuals who could work together to bring about vast accomplishments.

If we have the need to be right so we get in circular arguments that will never be resolved, we damage the power of unity. In order for there to be unity, there has to be trust. Leading with the dominating or negative ego is a surefire way to damage trust.

We can choose to stop arguing over ideological differences and accept that everyone has their own experiences. Then we can focus our energy on creating a world that we want to live in.

Being selfish also damages trust. There is a way to tend to our personal needs as an individual, while understanding that group environments require that the needs of the group be put before any individual personal needs. This concept applies to business and social groups, as well as families and personal relationships. Putting self-interest over the harmony and functioning of the group will damage or destroy that group.

We are powerful beings on our own when we remember to heal our emotions, take responsibility for ourselves, and stand in our power. Yet we are even more powerful when we create a force built on unified cooperation.

Feb. 7 2023

Created on February 7, 2023 – Last Updated on February 11, 2023 by Jennifer Nelson