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The Controller Archetype

The controller archetype is also known as a tyrant, the false king of tyranny, a bully, the ruler archetype, or patriarchal domination. Though men are conditioned to accept this archetype as normal, women can also embody this energy.

Key theme: The desire to rule with absolute authority.

Recognizing this archetype:

  • Having a lack of respect for people’s right to make personal choices
  • Feeling entitled to threaten, blame, and shame in order to get the desired results
  • Prone to explosive outbursts if they do not get their way
  • Purposefully intimidating people or wanting people to be afraid of them
  • Feeling annoyed by having to address people in a respectful manner
  • Arrogance and lack of regard for others feelings
  • Believes they are better than or of a higher rank than women or those who make less money than they do
  • Ruthless domination
  • Abuses power
  • Believes in having a harem of women

The Antidote:

Find a way to work on healthy emotional processing.

Base self esteem on one’s inherent value and inner light as opposed to basing it external appearances and circumstances.

Unifying and coming into balance with both the inner masculine and inner feminine.

Direct Knowing:
One day I sat pondering this archetype and I wrote: “Holy Father is the antidote to all tyranny.” That statement was not meant in a religious sense. This could also be written as compassion is the antidote to all tyranny.