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Motherhood by Jennifer Nelson

In astrology, when someone’s ruler of the 5th house is in the 12th house this  can indicate that one is likely to be very compassionate towards children yet there can be difficulty or pain surrounding one’s biological children. [1]https://web.archive.org/web/20211016203540/https://www.truthinaspectastrology.com/ruler-of-the-fifth-house.html There can be miscarriages, deaths,  or children that are extremely difficult to raise. [2]https://mychristianpsychic.com/journal/the-ruler-of-a-house-residing-in-the-twelfth-does-it-indicate-sorrow-in-the-house-from-which-it-came/This has all been a part of the human experience. Yet, it does not have to remain that way.

This picture was born on 9-4-22 and it represents reclaiming authentic motherhood. It was completed while I was under a lot of energetic harassment, yet I did not let that stop my flow. The lions, three calla lilies, and blue flame all serve as symbols of the return of the Divine Mother.


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