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About Jennifer

So many people want a guru to save them, but really, you don’t need to be saved. You need to remember… remember what is already inside of you.” – Jennifer Nelson

Life is a journey. Many times, that journey is about reclamation.

During this Earth experience we are reclaiming ourselves, reclaiming our wisdom, reclaiming our rights to exist in peace and without manipulation.

It takes courage, it takes strength, and it takes guidance back to the truth that what we are seeking is already within.

Reclamation Institute is a healing space, a learning center, and an integration process.

My Professional Story

I’m a teacher at heart. I don’t say this in the sense that seeks to exalt itself as the gatekeeper of knowledge. But instead, I see myself as a facilitator. I love to help people remember that the answers that they seek are within.

My work as a writer, educator, curriculum developer, and emotional healing practitioner has taken many forms.

During my time as an ESL instructor, I helped professionals improve their communication skills in order to reach professional success. It’s not easy to learn a new language, and speaking can bring up a lot of fears. This work taught me how to bring comfort in order to help people move past their fears so that they could reach their goals.

My work as a language art tutor is focused on K-12 students. I have found that many of my students don’t have a “reading problem” or any other label that might be applied. What they had was a need for someone to focus on their strengths and interests in order to build their confidence. In my experience, once that confidence is built then the reluctance decreases.

My students tend to be highly sensitive, empathetic, and creative. Many times they are very misunderstood. I am happy that I am able to hold space for them.

Yet my work as an educator is not just about academic pursuits. There’s a real need for people to learn about themselves, why they are here on Earth, and how they can reach their highest potential. Many times that begins with digging into the emotional baggage, and working through it.

My intent is to share my experiences and observations in order to facilitate a reclamation process where people realize their own inner strength, wisdom, and power.

Modalities I Use

I believe that as multidimensional beings, we all need to find the set of tools that work for us. I am constantly learning from experiencing life, reading books, and taking courses.

I am not a licensed healthcare professional. My tool set consists of a blend of higher sensory perception, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), flower essences, trauma awareness, traditional and modern ho’oponopono, inner child work, energy clearing, counseling skills, journaling, and affirmations.

On September 10, 2022 I discovered that I hold the Orion Healing Codes which allow me to feel and pull etheric weapons out of the body. I also hold other codes.

Formal Education

To me it’s not so much about what I’ve studied, it’s about what I’ve experienced and applied… yet, this is the way we list things on Earth…

Master of Education  (Research Project: Self Empowerment Through Knowledge: The Multidimensional Effect of Affirmations on Children)

Bachelors of Arts, Journalism

300-Hour Hypnotherapy Diploma

My intent is to be divinely guided to reach my highest expression in being of service to this planet as God would have it be.

My Values

Self-Determination – Purity- Generosity- Patience- Kindness- Conservation – Diligence- Humility

My intent, consent, and authority is with God Source to serve the highest expression of my soul’s purpose aligned with the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One.

My mission is to help people find sovereignty by remembering the divinity within themselves.

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