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Words, experiences, or thoughts that have no meaning, or make no sense are nonsense. Nonsense can be connected to deeply held belief systems that have outworn their welcome. It can also be connected to black magic manipulation in the form of curses, hexes, spells, or… Read More »Nonsense

Malicious Gossip

None of us knows what we don’t yet know. I think we can navigate that by being humble, kind, and seeking truth above all else. We have a situation on Earth where malicious gossip is seen as entertainment, or as something that is being of… Read More »Malicious Gossip

Dark Mother Archetypes

Dark Mother Archetypes are also known as the ice queen, femme fatale, or narcissist. This is a form of lunar consciousness. Key theme: The desire to be superior to others while suppressing the true feminine aspects Recognizing this archetype: Uses seduction, charm, emotional or sexual… Read More »Dark Mother Archetypes