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Sometimes you need someone to hold space for you as you process the challenges that life can bring. Yet it’s not always easy to verbalize what we are going through. Plus, some of us are better with writing down our thoughts and feelings. This email session serves to provide friendly support to empaths, indigos, starseeds, healers, and sensitive beings who resonate with this type of service.

I can hold space for you to:

💙Speak your truth so you can feel empowered
💙Express your fears and worries so that you can release them
💙Understand communication issues you may be having in your interpersonal relationships
💙Develop a strategy for having a more positive mindset
💙Improve your self-love and self-care routine
💙 Get clarity so you can achieve your goals
💙 Reclaim your inner child and release past hurts

Here is how it works:

-You send me an email detailing your concern via my secure web form. The form will prompt you to chose a password that you will need to open my reply.

-I’ll provide a substantive reply (within 3-6 days) giving intuitive support, aligned to Cosmic Sovereign Law, as well as a personalized affirmation or meditation mp3 to help with further empowerment. This reply will come to the email address that you provide, but it will be encrypted via Proton Mail so you will have to enter the password you chose in order to open it. Please see this link for more information on how this works.

-You take what applies to your journey.

– This email session is not an ongoing conversation, but I will answer questions if you don’t understand what I’ve written. The best way to approach this is to pick one area of focus. If you have a follow up concern or issue, I will kindly ask you to book another session.

Please note that I do not provide medical or other professional healthcare advice. I am not a clinical or licensed therapist.

Please see my terms of service

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