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Terms of Service

Terms of Service for Email Consultations

This email session is for your personal enrichment and spiritual growth. It is held sacred in Cosmic Sovereign Law.

By engaging my (Jennifer Nelson) services you agree that:

You are responsible for your own wellness, and any decisions that you make or do not make. You will only accept guidance that resonates with your loving heart.

My role is to be a friend and compassionate witness. I do not provide medical or other professional healthcare or mental health advice, nor is she a clinical or licensed therapist.

You understand that the email reply will be as clear as you are. This means that it is important to try to be as transparent as possible, by giving context as far as your discernment allows.

You understand that in most cases the reply will take between 3-6 days. I will answer questions if you do not understand my reply. However, if you have an additional question or concern, you will have to pay for another consultation.

I do not provide emergency services or mental health care. If you are suicidal or having an addiction crisis please contact a service who caters to these matters.

My time, effort, and care goes into every response, therefore I do not give refunds.

Acting in the best interest of all parties involved, I retain the right at my sole discretion to refuse to provide service. If so decided, I will state my reasons for doing so.

To ensure the security of our interactions, my messages to you will be sent via an encrypted and password protected email using Proton Mail. You do NOT need a Proton Mail account. You will fill out your initial inquiry via a secure web form. When the response is ready, you will be sent an email  to the address you provide which contains a link to open the message. You will need to enter in the password you chose (on the web form) in order to open the message. Please save or print the message if you like because it will expire after 28 days. Please see this link from Proton Mail for more information on how this works.