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Holding the Line for Humanity

Some of us are not here to fit in with the collective consciousness because

we are here to override it.


The collective consciousness is one “reality” but it’s not the only reality. That’s what I wanted to express. Yet as I wrote the sentence, what came out was, “the collective consciousness is not reality.”

What is the difference between the two? The first sentence uses “reality” and reality to imply that one is not real, whereas the other just flat out states it. Perhaps that means this message should be focused on getting to the nitty gritty without trying to soothe people’s sensitivities and triggers.

We live in a blended Earth system. One doesn’t have to have any esoteric inclinations to observe this because it’s all around us. For an obvious example look at how the Amish live vs. how most people live. It’s not the same frequency.

We can observe many types of energetic differences in the way that people experience life. Some people live in a reality where it’s normal to get a mortgage to buy a house, whereas others live in a reality where you build your house slowly as you have the resources. Some people live a life full of concerns about retirement accounts and insurances, whereas others don’t have that on their radar. Some people call a doctor almost every time they sneeze, and others believe that are their own best physician. Yes, we all live in the same space called Earth, but it’s not the same reality. Most of us understand this on a basic level, but the energetics have been hidden from us.

Most recently we’ve had a major planned societal event where some were plagued with illness, worries, and fears. Yet others did not get ill at all, they weren’t worried about it, and there was no fear. This is possible because although we are on the same planet, we aren’t all on the same vibration.

This knowledge is hidden from us so that we will fall into the trap of getting lost in never-ending arguments, being divisive, spiteful, and hateful instead of learning unified cooperation despite our energetic and situational differences. In other words, divide and conquer is the name of the game.

Who wants humanity to be fighting with one another over surviving, instead of working with one another to thrive? That’s something to bring into awareness as we observe the societal landscape.

This concept extends to this ancient story of artificial intelligence vs. organic humanity. The collective consciousness that is riding an archontic frequency  will lead us to believe that we are slaves to whatever is presented to us, our intent doesn’t matter, and we should just accept the inevitable because the news station told us that is what we should do. Heck, why not even “get in where we fit in” and join in on selling humanity in exchange for the chance to profit. This type of “reality” has humanity giving their power to deceptive systems that are based on predatory mindsets.

Stepping outside the collective consciousness, one will find the Law of Structure and the Law of Consent. On Earth we know the Law of Attraction very well, but that is not the only law that governs our system.

Our universe contains many types of forces – some are benevolent, and some are not. We aren’t at the mercy of whatever comes introducing itself into our energetic fields. Instead, our power comes from knowing that our thoughts and behaviors align to the forces we are in consent with. Therefore, if an individual chooses to align with artificial intelligence systems, that is what he or she has given authority to. And everyone who is in alignment with that will ride that wave and the experiences that manifest from it to some degree; until it all collapses sometime in the future.

That does not mean that everyone will make the choice to experience that. I do not give my intent, consent, or authority to artificial intelligence systems. Those who want power over us may say that words don’t matter because they are just words. Yet our ancient remembrance knows the power in setting energetic structures via sounds, tones, and words.

I do not consent to quantum data machines being used against humanity. I do not consent to feeding quantum data machines to use against humanity. I do not consent to artificial timelines. I do not consent to technocratic totalitarianism. I do not consent to consciousness slavery. I do not consent to anti-human, anti-life systems.

We can change the quality of life for ourselves and those we have permission to represent when we stay in alignment with the intent, consent, and authority that is organic to our true nature. We can also receive help and support from benevolent forces when we hold the frequency that allows this to happen.

Despite the narratives which promote futures full of drama, fear, and oppression – we always have choices. Our job is to inquire within ourselves as to what our choices may be in each situation.

As always, only accept what is in alignment with your loving heart and let all else fall away.