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Non-Resonant Relationships

Our relationships can be one of our greatest teachers. We can learn more about ourselves, how we interact in the world, where we have been wounded, what we tend to project, and what is hidden deep within our own layers.

Yet within these learning experiences are complications. We choose our relationships in order to help us grow, but there’s also the situation on Earth where archontic deception runs wild – and that includes manipulating and interfering with relationships.

This can manifest as having a harmonious relationship distorted by these mind games. It can also include non-resonant people being attracted to one another based on manipulation. A person can think they have found their true love and soul mate, when that is not always the case.

Temporary Lessons

Some relationships were not designed to be permanent, but we can think they are. Sometimes people come into our lives to teach us something or give us an activation and then it’s done. If we’ve become attached to making the relationship fit what we want it to be, then it can cause suffering. This applies to romantic relationships, friendships, and professional relationships.

Consciousness Expansion

Consciousness expansion can also be the cause of a non-resonant relationship. When one partner grows and the other does not stay on the same frequency, it can cause a split. When this occurs one may find it helpful to appreciate what was experienced, while letting go gracefully. This applies to all types of relationships – familial relationships, friendships, and acquaintances.

Alien Love Bite

Alien Love Bite is a term popularized by hypnotherapist Eve Lorgen that describes various methods used by negative extraterrestrials to setup two targeted partners to enter into a relationship.

Lisa Renee describes this phenomena as a historical timeline trigger event when AI reversals and clones were put in the place to destroy the reunion of true genetic equals and twin flames. [1]Ascension Glossary

Observations on Alien Love Bites

They can start off as friendly but then turn into something obsessive. There tends to be a strong sexual charge that adds to the obsessive nature. One or both parties may feel electrified, or as if they are being watched or manipulated.

One or both parties may be in a relationship with someone else with no intention or path to end that relationship. One party may be a covert narcissist and the other may be an empath – both likely have major inner child wounding.

One or both parties may feel like they were meant to be together, or that they’ve shared past lives together. But this is because of the technological manipulation that inserts the energy of the persons actual resonant partner into the non-resonant partner.

Both people can be interested in each other, but then one person shuts off which adds to the obsessive/ longing nature. Stalking may be involved.  In New Age circles this may be referred to as the “twin flame runner-chaser dynamic”. In more accurate terms this is red cube technology, or AI manipulation of the lightbody in order to produce confusion, chaos, sexual misery, and distraction from one’s true path and purpose.

Healing From Harmful Relationships

We must learn to recognize our childhood wounds and heal from them. The patterns we learned in childhood will repeat with our adult relationships. If the patterns were not healthy, we have to bring consciousness awareness to that in order to begin to heal.

If we have not yet learned how to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions; that is necessary as well. People may push our buttons, be we have to take responsibility for how we respond to that and what types of interactions we allow into our lives. This is called having healthy boundaries.

Learning to let go is also a skill that may of us must learn. The more we trust in ourselves and our inner connection to our highest source – the easier it becomes to release what does not serve our highest expression.