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Tea Tree Oil

I was sitting in my room quietly, trying to get the energy to go out and complete some errands. I realized that I felt weighed down and bleh, but I didn’t have a reason to.

“What is the source of this?”, I inquired. It became apparent that it was an energetic boundary violation of the nastiest order.

We often focus on physical parasites for obvious reasons, but there are also non-physical parasites. These parasites have many names and they can affect our moods, health, and thoughts – just as physical ones do. [1][1]

My inner guidance told me to oil my scalp with tea tree oil. However, my logical mind wondered why the heck would I do that because I didn’t want to mess up my hair and smell like tea tree oil. Yet I’ve learned that I must follow my heart without question, therefore it was time to get up and get the oil.

Esoteric uses of essential oils can be different than traditional uses. As beings who take full responsibility for ourselves we have to take educational information for the education and let it resonate if it resonates and toss it to the side if it doesn’t.

After my scalp was oiled, I decided to look up the energetic properties of tea tree oil. According to Enchanted Aromatics, tea tree oil can improve your mood, repel dark energies, help build a psychic shield, and protect from psychic vampires. It can also be used to clear the crown chakra. [2] https://www.enchantedaromatics.com/magical-properties-of-tea-tree/

That’s fascinating.

May this story be a reminder to trust your inner guidance and only accept what resonates with your loving heart.

Note: Tea tree oil is potent and can cause burning if it’s applied directly to the skin. The standard recommendation is to put it in a diffuser or mix it with a carrier oil before applying it to the skin. Tea tree oil should not be swallowed or used around the mouth. 


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