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The Importance of Neutrality

Sometimes I wonder why we can get so comfortable with judging ourselves and others. Maybe that is what we have been taught. Many of us haven’t been raised in environments where unconditional love was modeled or mentioned. Therefore, we don’t remember what it is about.

Then we look into the world and see that if we follow this recipe, we should get this result of “success”. It breeds notions such as those who don’t get that result, have done something wrong and should be shamed, or they are innocent but disadvantaged and should be pitied. Both conclusions are disempowering and fail to include that we are one, different, yet equal.

Also, we may have religious overlays, cultural overlays, familial overlays that promote division and strife in some way.

This means the lens that we view life could be set to judgment and not neutrality. Yet neutrality is so important because it allows for healing to take place.

Even if we find ourselves evolving spiritually and moving beyond birth conditioning, that judgment can creep in when we encounter someone’s whose life experience is vastly different from our own.

Yet, just because someone doesn’t appear to be living a life of stability, or perfection it doesn’t mean that they aren’t a loving, strong, and mighty soul. We all have different paths, obstacles, assignments and tools. No one is better than anyone. No one is worse than anyone.

Neutrality can help in ways that judgment cannot because things are not always black and white. We don’t always have the big picture of what is going on and the motivations behind external events in someone’s life.

But what we can do is discern what is happening now within our field, how it makes us feel, and what is (or is not) our responsibility. This is called having discernment.

Discernment is key to navigating these times on Earth because we are in a war over consciousness. Some warriors hold the line by beaming love and peace. Others must enter the deepest pits of hell and battle with the nastiest forces. That doesn’t mean they forgo love and peace; but what it means is that we must navigate the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Furthermore, “love and peace” can appear in many ways. It can be soft and sweet but it can also be firm and matter-of-fact. We miss this if we are stuck in judgment.

So much healing could occur if we remembered to have proper boundaries while also being loving and kind to people instead of condemning them. We are stronger together when we remember the big picture.



Created on October 20, 2022 – Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by Jennifer Nelson