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EFT Tapping for Anger

Anger is a natural part of life. Yet we don’t have to let it master us. Whether the anger is internal, external, or deeply repressed let’s work on moving beyond it by tapping it out.

According to Thich Nhat Hanh, anger should not be ignored, it should be cared for. We do this by acknowledging it in a healthy way. He stated, “the teaching of the Buddha is that anger can never remove anger. Anger can only promote more anger. Only under-standing and compassion can put down the flame of anger in us and in the other person. Understanding and compassion is the only antidote for anger. And using that, you heal yourself and you help heal the people who are victims of anger.”

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?
To put it simply, Emotional Freedom Technique is a tool where we tap on the meridians of our body, while focusing on an issue, in order to bring energetic health and balance. The intent is to be simple and self-empowering.

My Offering
I offer pre-recorded audio Emotional Freedom Technique sessions. Each pre-recorded audio is based on a theme. The theme of this session is anger.

Because you cannot see the points I am tapping, my voice is used as your guide. This format is easy to follow along with because we go step by step. I have also included a chart for visual purposes.

This audio is intended to help you in the now, and also to provide a multidimensional clearing. Therefore, before the EFT portion begins, the audio contains the setting of sacred space, alignment to the Law of One , and a clearing of negative energy. This audio has clearing and healing properties even if you do not tap along with it. (22 minutes)

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