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Healing and Reclamation Timeline

Meditations, Healing Treatments, and Podcasts

December 2022

Affirmations for Strength and Creativity

Affirmations for Inner Peace

January 2023

Affirmations to Override Negative Timelines

Affirmations for Relationship Closure and Release

Emotional Freedom Technique for Disappointment

The Sensitive Seeker: Activating Self Acceptance (podcast)

The Sensitive Seeker: Reclaiming the Inner Child (podcast)

February 2023 

Emotional Freedom Technique for Anger

Inner Child Love Meditation

The Sensitive Seeker: Embody Energetic Protection (podcast)

Solar Dragon Time:  The Ugly Duckling (Affirmation: It’s Great to Be Me!) (children’s podcast)

March 2023

Affirmations to Neutralize Negative Emotions

Emotional Freedom Technique For Forgiveness

The Sensitive Seeker: Activating Resilience (podcast)

Solar Dragon Time: The Measure of Rice & The Foolish Timid Rabbit (Affirmation: I’m Responsible and Wise) (children’s podcast)

April 2023

Affirmations to Align to Divine Blueprint

Emotional Freedom Technique for Neutrality and Grounding

The Sensitive Seeker: Reclaiming Self Trust (podcast)

Solar Dragon Time: King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable (Affirmation: I Am Honorable)(children’s podcast)

May 2023

Healing Temple Bath Meditation

The Sensitive Seeker: Embody Organic Consciousness (podcast)

Solar Dragon Time: The Land of Mu’a (Affirmation: I Am Unity) (children’s podcast)

June 2023

Deep Healing Emotions and Aspects Meditation

Solar Dragon Time: Ophiuchus and the Big Feelings (Affirmation: I Master My Emotions)  (children’s podcast)

The Sensitive Seeker: Activating Personal Mission (podcast)

Emotional Freedom Technique For Clearing Bitterness and Resentment

July 2023

Solar Dragon Time: The Heart of Lyra (Affirmation: I Value Teamwork)  (children’s podcast)

August 2023

Affirmations for Multidimensional Healing

Solar Dragon Time: Love Your Mother and Your Father (Affirmation: I Am Balanced) (children’s podcast)

September 2023

Solar Dragon Time: Ezekiel Discovers Gratitude  (Affirmation: I Am Thankful) (children’s podcast)

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