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Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are naturally found on Earth. Than can enter the body via inhalation, diet, and manual handling. They can then bind to and interfere with cellular functioning. Heavy metal poisoning is generally treated with cheating agents. [1]Wikipedia

It is suggested that heavy metal toxicity can cause or exacerbate behavioral issues. According to National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD):

“In children, symptoms vary depending upon the degree of exposure to lead…Some affected children experience learning or behavioral problems such as mental retardation and selective deficits in language, cognitive function, balance, behavior, and school performance. In some cases, symptoms may be life-threatening.”

“Symptoms associated with overexposure to manganese may include damage to the central nervous system and… psychiatric abnormalities.”

“There may be behavioral and neurological changes associated with overexposure to mercury poisoning, such as excitability and quick-tempered behavior, lack of concentration, and loss of memory. Shock and permanent brain damage may also be result from mercury poisoning. Some affected individuals experience mental confusion.” [2]NORD

The spiritually inclined might notice a connection between heavy metal toxicity and aggressive patriarchal overlays.


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