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Learning How to Forgive

Forgiveness is so important because it helps to empower us. When we truly forgive, we get freedom from the past storylines that keep trying to drag us back into circular nonsense and eternal drama.

Yet, we live in a world that often takes what is empowering, and turns it into a weapon against us. There’s this false sense of forgiveness where we are convinced to allow ourselves to keep being victimized because we feel it’s our duty to forgive and love everyone. This narrative is missing the aspect of discernment and personal boundaries which co-exists with forgiveness.

This wording came to me in a meditative process:

I need to learn how to forgive everything. This is my path to peace and freedom. It doesn’t mean that the actions were acceptable. It doesn’t mean that I will continue to interact with those who have played out destructive archetypes towards me. What it means is for me to choose to see things for what they are, and make the conscious choice to forgive by embodying peace, harmlessness, and unconditional love. I have to let peace replace hostility, harmlessness replace aggressive impulses, and compassion replace disdain.

All is one in the light. I give it all to God in peace and neutrality.

May you find a forgiveness process that works for you and your individual path.

Created on October 23, 2022 – Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by Jennifer Nelson