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Looping Timelines

If you’ve ever had a problem that refuses to be resolved, it might be helpful to know that painful events repeat until we learn to let it go. It might not be us that’s holding on, yet we still may have the responsibility to let it all go.

We can take this from a multidimensional perspective, we can view it purely from a 3D Earth experience, or we can see how they both connect.

From my experience, things can repeat endlessly without us being aware of the pattern. We know that we are experiencing something undesirable, but we don’t know why. We may try to change the situation, or to change ourselves- yet we can still be stuck in the same energy.

Other may not understand us, or the circumstances; and well-meaning people may increase the irritation factor with their non-resonant advice. Therefore we learn to turn within. Yet, it can be frustrating if you feel like you are trying to make things better but you are constantly getting smacked in the head with bricks.

I have found that the solution is to connect the past to the present. Yet, if we can’t remember the source of the original pain or strife, then we aren’t able to do that.

So what can we do? What’s the cover-all policy?

In my opinion, we choose to live in a way that protects us from shenanigans and minimizes the repetition until it dissolves. Yet this takes time, and it may or may not be easy.

Here are the choices that we can make (or not):

Choose forgiveness as the path to personal peace. When we do this it frees us from looping into the same situations due to unresolved conflict. We can choose to resolve conflict that we have with other people, with ourselves, with our circumstances, and with the world. “Forgive them for they know not what they do” is a quote that comes to mind.

We can also forgive ourselves for finding ourselves in unfavorable circumstances while knowing that there’s always a higher level solution to any problem that has manifested. Forgiveness cracks open the door to letting that solution in.

Choose to have boundaries. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that it’s okay for harmful behaviors to repeat. It means that we choose to release the emotional charge that leads to us having heavy energy and energetic cording. We can choose to release all of that, while still maintaining boundaries that ensure our health, wellness, and personal peace.

This may require leaving certain relationships or cutting off contact with those whom we were once close with. Depending on the circumstances this can either be easy or very difficult.

Choose perseverance as the path to true freedom. If discouragement comes knocking (and it likely will) we can choose to be warriors who hold the line. We can hold to our mission to be true to ourselves, to reclaim our true essence, and to be beacons of light.

Choose kindness towards ourselves and towards others. No matter how bad of a day we are having, we can choose to be loving, kind, and supportive towards ourselves. That will help us to offer that same energy to others.


  • I have the power to let go of my past and move on.
  • I lovingly release the past and create new experiences that are aligned to my authentic expression.
  • I can face challenges with strength and courage.
  • I accept who I am in this moment.
  • I recognize and feel my emotions, but I am not my emotions.
  • I am fearless. I am timeless. I hold the line.

As always, please follow the guidance of your loving heart so take what resonates and discard what does not. May we all align to the organic timeline of our highest expression.