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Releasing Embarrassment and Shame

Most people have experienced some type of embarrassment – even if it is only second-hand. Yet sometimes we can experience embarrassment or shame that puts us in some sort of mental bondage. It can become a trigger that hangs over our heads for as long as we allow it to.

Maybe we have a family member who embarrasses us with obscene behavior, maybe we made a mistake in the past that we aren’t proud of, or maybe we are in some state of lack that makes us feel shame. There are many possible scenarios.

Unfortunately the setup on Earth is that there is always something to steal our power and make us feel bad about ourselves. Yet, we don’t have to accept anything that takes away from our self love and acceptance. No matter what, we must always love ourselves and know that we are inherently valuable. Just the fact that we are alive, on Earth, in a human body proves our value.

If something has embarrassed us, we can reduce the emotional impact by just owning it. That way we don’t have to carry it around. If we look at it as something to fear and hide from, we will only be carrying baggage that makes us feel trapped and traumatized each time it’s mentioned or every time something reminds us of it.

We can choose to free ourselves from the emotional effects of anyone’s judgments or perceptions of us if we want to. No one else can give us value because we are valuable as we are.

The first step is to own that it happened and how it made us feel. Then comes the responsibility to do our healing and clearing work. We don’t want to stay stuck singing the same old song. We want to be able to move on in a way where we can talk about our experiences without getting trapped in them.

The healing process different for everyone. Martial arts, journaling, art, breathwork, meditation are some things that some find beneficial. Usually there is a need to work with multiple tools. Here’s a list of healing modalities that might be helpful. The point is to move beyond every past hurt, or fear because holding all of that takes away from our power.

I’m very confident that you have everything you need within. You have the power to free yourself.

Please only accept what resonates with your loving heart, and discard what does not.


-Adapted from an email reply that I wrote to someone


December 4, 2022

Created on December 4, 2022 – Last Updated on February 15, 2023 by Jennifer Nelson