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Whispers from the Collective

For so long we’ve lived in a world controlled by those who see us as slaves. Now it’s time to heal from that, but how?

How can we learn to trust when our trust has been broken?

How can we learn to heal when obstacles in our way prevent that?

How can we perceive the world when everything we thought we knew has changed? Maybe our work has changed, perhaps our family situation has been altered, maybe we’ve lost friends that were dear to us.

What do we do now?

The answer is different for everyone, yet it is the same for everyone as well. The difference is that everyone will need to determine their own path. The sameness is that the path leads to their true essence, which is always a trusted guide.

We’ve been told to follow our hearts as a mantra, but we haven’t been able to. We could barely hear the sound. We could barely feel our true vibration….But maybe we did, and we tried to share that but we were shunned, mocked, or scorned.

But times are changing – this is not then, this is now. We need us to be us. We are who we have been waiting for. We may have different experiences, opinions, and preferences and that’s okay. We can still find a point of commonality – unity.

On the other hand, it may require letting go. Letting go of what we thought we were, to become what we actually are. Letting go of beliefs, customs, ideas, and relationships that confine us instead of helping us to expand. This can be hurtful. This can cause even more mockery or scorn; but in order to get through it, we have to go through it and emerge as newly refined.

The dark reign is over, there is no law but the Law of One. The dark reign is over, there is no law but the Law of One. The dark reign is over, there is no law but the Law of One.

Written 3/14/22