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King Arthur and the Order of the Roundtable


What are virtues? Virtues are the qualities we have that allow us to express our goodness. In this story we learned about several virtues. In order to sit at the roundtable, the knights had to be pure, generous, patient, kind, disciplined, diligent, and humble.

What does that mean?

It’s means to have positive thoughts towards others, to not always think about ourselves first, to be patient and not always expect to get what we want when we want it.

It also means to be kind in our words and actions and to do the work that we have to do in order to make our lives run well – this is called having discipline. We need discipline to finish our studies, to do our chores, and handle any other responsibilities that are given to us.

We keep working steadily to reach our goals, we don’t make excuses because we have diligence. And then to be humble – that means that you know you are not any better or worse than anyone else. You know that everyone is important – including yourself, so you treat others and yourself with respect and reverence. All is one in the light.

What else can we learn in this story of King Arthur?


Source: Solar Dragon Time:King Arthur and the Order of the Roundtable  (podcast)

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