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Love Your Mother and Your Father


It wasn’t an instant process, it took lots of teamwork and harmony to set things right, restore the peoples power, and evict the invaders.

Yet many were so hurt and confused that they still believed in the education they received from the invaders – they forgot about cooperation because all they knew was conquering. They forgot about respecting others rights because they were taught to dominate. They forgot how to create win-win situations because they were used to living under fear of limited resources. And they definitely forgot the most important lesson of them all – love your mother and your father equally.

And what does that mean? It means that within us we have lots of information. We have teachers and knowledge that we learn from books, and we have wisdom that comes from within, it comes from our hearts. We have thoughts that we think, and we have feelings that we feel. Do we believe that one is more important than the other? If so, we aren’t loving our mother and our father equally.

We shouldn’t see our mind and our hearts as enemies – we should see how they work together in harmony. It is through our heart that wisdom flows, and we use our brain to process it. It is through our feelings that we understand more about the world around us, yet we use our brain to make sure we are behaving appropriately for the situations that we find ourselves in. That is the deeper meaning of the reminder to love your mother and your father equally.

Source: Solar Dragon Time: Love Your Mother and Your Father (podcast)