The Heart of Lyra

Overview We will travel to Lyra where everything is harmonious and beautiful – that is until the invaders arrive. As they work hard to increase division in the land, the people of Lyra work hard to remember their core values of purity, generosity, patience, kindness,… Read More »The Heart of Lyra

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are naturally found on Earth. Than can enter the body via inhalation, diet, and manual handling. They can then bind to and interfere with cellular functioning. Heavy metal poisoning is generally treated with cheating agents. [1]Wikipedia It is suggested that heavy metal toxicity… Read More »Heavy Metals


In this context, to disengage is to decline to be drawn into a negative energetic situation. This is an especially potent strategy when the situation is being manipulated by negative forces. Instead of engaging with mud slinging, ego tantrums, and tyrannical behaviors – we can… Read More »Disengage


Negative emotional energy that entities feed off of. How can we stop creating loosh? We can do all we can to be a light in the world and not participate in or contribute to incidents of or systems of pain, suffering, abuse of life forms. While… Read More »Loosh

Healing and Reclamation Timeline

Meditations, Healing Treatments, and Podcasts December 2022 Affirmations for Strength and Creativity Affirmations for Inner Peace January 2023 Affirmations to Override Negative Timelines Affirmations for Relationship Closure and Release Emotional Freedom Technique for Disappointment The Sensitive Seeker: Activating Self Acceptance (podcast) The Sensitive Seeker: Reclaiming… Read More »Healing and Reclamation Timeline