Tea Tree Oil

I was sitting in my room quietly, trying to get the energy to go out and complete some errands. I realized that I felt weighed down and bleh, but I didn’t have a reason to. “What is the source of this?”, I inquired. It became… Read More »Tea Tree Oil


I found myself annoyed by a pushy person who seemed to think that I was immediately supposed to drop what I was doing and tend to their crisis. I did not want to participate in any energy-draining dynamics, so I stated my boundaries and let… Read More »Boundaries

Self Esteem

What is self esteem? According to Nathaniel Branden self esteem can be defined as, “the disposition to experience oneself as being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life, and as being worthy of happiness.” [1][1] Self esteem has to be grounded in reality… Read More »Self Esteem