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Member Responsibilities

Thank you for joining. Please make sure you understand the membership responsibilities and terms of service.

Membership Responsibilities and Terms of Service

  • Members acknowledge that some of the content is only available to members. Any content that is not made publicly available will not be shared by members without express written consent from Jennifer. Any content that is made publicly available via a Creative Commons license will only be shared by members with attribution and a link back to ReclamationInstitute.com
  • Members acknowledge that they are responsible for their own choices, health, wellness, and happiness. It is the responsibility of the Member to use discernment in all things.
  • Your right to free speech is valued and welcomed with the responsibility that comes with it. Any communication exchanges that are perceived as threatening, harassing, or inappropriate will result in removal of membership. Acting in the best interest of all parties involved, I retain the right at my sole discretion to refuse to provide service. If so decided, I will state my reasons for doing so.


  • Comments posted on members only posts can only be viewed by members who are logged in. You can tell if a post is members only if it has a gold star next to it. Comments posted on public posts can be viewed publicly, by anyone viewing the site.
  • Your privacy is valued and respected. I do not give away, sell, or share your personal information. Your email address will only be used to contact you in regards to the services/updates you have requested. Payments are processed by Stripe and I never have access to your financial information. Please see the privacy policy page.


Consultations with Jennifer are governed by these terms of service.


These terms may be updated as needed.