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Monthly Membership

Access my archive of articles, meditations, affirmation audios, and healing sessions by joining the Healing Library.

Your membership includes:

✔ Full access to audios and articles on the Return to Rightful Owner membership site

✔ A written collection of tools and strategies for spiritual and emotional wellness for highly sensitive beings who are healing with Earth and evolving into their highest expressions.

✔ Monthly meditation or affirmation audios aligned to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One.

✔ Monthly EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) sequences

✔ Access to the archive of meditations and tapping sessions.

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I can’t see the sign up form.

In some browsers, the full subscription form is not immediately visible. If you click “Join” and only see part of the form, click on the box and use the down arrow keys (or page up, page down keys) on your keyboard to scroll down in order to see the complete form. Please see the video below for an example.

What is included in the membership?

Membership includes access to all of the written guides, affirmation/meditation audios, and EFT healing sequences that are posted on the RRO membership site. Downloadable products that are posted on the main website (ReclamationInstitute.com) may or may not be posted in the membership area. Yet, every month there will be at least one affirmation/meditation audio, one Emotional Freedom Technique tapping session, and several written pieces posted.

What are the rules?

The main rule is to show common courtesy. Please see the member responsibilities to read how that is defined.

Are comments public or private?

Comments posted on members only post can only be seen by logged on members. If an article is public, members can post comments, but the comments will be public. If an article is public, there will be a reminder of this policy at the bottom of the piece.

I have another question.

Please contact me.


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