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Affirmations for Parents of Oppositional Defiant or Indigo 3 Children

Children with extreme levels of defiance don’t comply with most limits, boundaries or consequences. This is because they are focused on being in control. They can thrive on conflict, and if they are confronted with a boundary or limitation they may react violently. The constant conflict can wear a parent down.

Expanding to a multidimensional level, it can be observed that a child with an Indigo 3 or other polarity integrator contract can exhibit the behaviors of what psychology defines as “Oppositional defiance disorder” or even “conduct disorder.” These brave souls have a very difficult task at hand of rehabilitating collective consciousness archetypes and hybridized genetics. This means certain energies that are difficult to handle (the tyrant, the controller, the manipulator, etc) can come up for witness through the child.

This can be overwhelming for parents to deal with on a daily basis as the experiences do not fit into what we imagine 3D life is supposed to look like, and techniques that work for most children can make the situation worse for children with these overlays.

But while we may try many methods for caring for our children, we also have to take care of ourselves. Here are some affirmations that may be helpful for protecting ones own inner peace. Be sure to take what resonates, and discard what does not; and always follow the call of your own loving heart.



[My child’s name] is healing more and more each day.

As each day passes, I clear more trauma.

I am loved by God. Love is within me. I am loving.

God is love. Love is all.

I am compassionate. I am kind to myself.

I align to divine will in all things.

It’s not my will, but the divine.

I raise my level of consciousness each day.

As I raise my consciousness, [My child’s name] raises [her/his] consciousness.

I bring peace to my home. My home is a source of peaceful and loving support.

I’m aligned to the organic ascension timeline. My finances are aligned to the organic ascension timeline. My work and family life are aligned to the organic ascension timeline.

I release all fears. I walk in love.

I release false identities. I embody my true self.

Written: 9/7/2022

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