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Demanding and Defiant Children

Demanding people do not respect personal boundaries. Therefore, we have to respect our own boundaries so that we aren’t drained by their energetic configurations – which can range from meanness, to throwing tantrums, or using intimidation or tears to get what they feel entitled to.

If we are around someone who is pushy, egoic, entitled, and whiny we can allow our energy to slowly leak out to feed their thirst; or we can tighten up our own situations. This applies to interactions with children and adults.

The topic of energy vampirism is focused on relationships between adults, but we live in a world where a child can have a draining and chaotic effect on people’s energy. This can be because they were born to override harmful archetypes (but they first have to embody that archetype), it can be because there’s an environmental issue, there could be nutritional issues, miasma/karmic/ancestral issues, entity possession, and a host of other factors that go beyond looking for someone to immediately blame and shame.

Yet, whether the person in question is a child or an adult, there are steps that we can take to support ourselves. The first is to not give away our precious energy by engaging in a power battle with the pushy person. This is easier to do when the person is an adult because we can choose to disengage. But if it’s our own child we might not be able to do that because we need to keep them safe. Yet we can still remain calm, centered, and protected in our energetic shield.

When we first notice that tensions are rising, and our buttons are getting pushed – that is the time to strengthen our energetic shield (also known as a 12 D shield or platinum shield). This will help to strengthen our boundaries and deflect any additional negativity. The better we get at strengthening our shield, the more powerful this technique becomes. Personal experience has shown me that the shield can be used to stop someone with negative intent from physically crossing into one’s space as they will be bounced back (or knocked down) if the shield is strong enough and they try to cross it.

The second thing we can do is to cultivate a sense of inner peace by saying a mantra, repeating an affirmation, saying a prayer, or singing a song. This can give us the strength to handle what is before us with wisdom and neutrality. If there is something that we need to do or say, it is better to do so with sense of calm that does not amplify the chaos.

We may also need to cut energy cords, and support ourselves with essential oils or flower remedies. Ginger is known as an oil that can help with empowerment and moving out of victimization. [1]Emotions and Essential Oils. 2016. Enlighten. Wild orange oil can promote confidence and help relieve stress. Lavender and chamomile oils are known to have a relaxing effect. Bach Flower Remedies can also be supportive with the various emotions we can feel.

Once we have strengthened and stabilized ourselves, then we will be better equipped to manage what is before us with the most grace and wisdom that is available at that time.

Here are some resources that may be helpful for parents with children who are labeled as having oppositional defiance disorder, conduct disorder, an indigo 3 contract, being a polarity integrator, etc. Please do remember that as a self-responsible being, it’s important to find what works for your personal situation, and discard what does not resonate.

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Created on September 4, 2022 – Last Updated on March 20, 2023 by Jennifer Nelson


1 Emotions and Essential Oils. 2016. Enlighten.