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Pick a Card Reading: Bringing the Hidden to Light

The intent of this space is to bring in messages of divine healing, inspiration, and power. The disclaimer is that this message is not for everyone, but it’s for somebody.

Maybe you have a question and one or more of these cards will give you some insight. Maybe the whole message will have meaning for you.

The point for the viewer is to pick a card group that feels most resonant based on your first impression. Then read the cards for that group and see if they have meaning for you. Next read the message to find any jewels that may enhance your experience.
Remember, if it resonates then rock with it, if it doesn’t then it wasn’t for you. Only accept what resonates with your inner guidance and loving heart. Let all else fall away.

This was completed on June 3rd 2023, but the readings are timeless. The deck used is the Activation Affirmation Oracle Deck.

Group 1 Amethyst – Restoring Divine Order

Group 2 Sodalite – The Truth Will Set You Free

Group 3 Rose Quartz – The Yod of God


Group 1 – Amethyst
Restoring Divine Order

Release- it is safe for me to express my feelings
Commit- I commit to reaching my goals
Partner – I attract friends who help me grow

It’s emotional clearing time. The energy is here to support you in releasing the old and bringing in a more harmonious experience. There could be personal, professional, or familial relationships to release into the loving light.

Sometimes we have to set boundaries and step away from situations that are leading to repeated acts of pain or disharmony. This will require a strong commitment to release, but you can do it. The more you allow yourself to release the old, the more room you will have for new experiences which might include meeting people who are more resonant with your current path.

It may be helpful for you to take some time to be honest with yourself about your feelings. There might be something that you need to express in writing, art, music, physical exercise, or some other positive creative force. This will help you purge. You deserve to be around strong, healthy, and positive people. Make a commitment to yourself to encourage that vibration.

As always, only accept what resonates with your pure and loving heart. Let all else dissolve into your neutral witness.

Group 2 – Sodalite

Truth Will Set You Free

Protection – I am safe and protected.
Decisions – I make decisions that align to my truth
Enrich – I invest in myself daily

Your voice is important, and you are important. You may be experiencing some rough waters but know that you are safe and protected. Alternatively, it may be that you would benefit from being around water as a healing balm. There’s a decision that needs to be made in order to move towards more self-care, more self-love, more personal enrichment.

The energy is asking you to choose between the real you and the false you. The encouragement is to align to your truth, whatever that may be. It may not be popular. You may not feel supported. But your truth is your truth. Release your throat chakra of anything that binds it and blocks your eternal living truth from flowing freely. Make sure you are getting enough rest, invest in yourself, and be careful with what you allow to enter your body and mind.

As always, only accept what resonates with your pure and loving heart. Let all else dissolve into your neutral witness.

Group 3 – Rose Quartz

The Yod of God

Healing – I am healthy in every way
Diplomacy– I am diplomatic
Caring – I give freely without expectation

People who cause pain to others are in great pain themselves. If we don’t bring this to our awareness, we might be used to perpetuate the cycle of pain. This means that instead of seeing it for what it is, our own pain can be used to pull us into a mess of an entanglement.

Terminate the entanglements and bindings. If someone is hurting us or causing problems, we have a right to acknowledge that and take steps to establish firm boundaries. Yet this can be done with diplomacy. We don’t have to sling mud because others are slinging mud at us. We can step back, block that, and keep it moving towards our most loving and caring selves.

The first part of this pile deals with a person who is trying to figure out how to deal with a very hurtful person or circumstance. Some guidance is that diplomacy can be helpful, but don’t be attached to any particular outcome. Be your best self without expecting anything in return.

The second part is that in addition to this situation, there is also an aspect of personal healing that could be recognized.
Your feelings are important. Your life is important. And healing sources are available– whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual, etheric, or all of the above. The guidance is that it would be beneficial to focus on being open to all healing sources that would be helpful to you at this time. Healing is your birthright.

As always, only accept what resonates with your pure and loving heart. Let all else dissolve into your neutral witness.

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