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Deep Healing Emotions and Aspects

Spiritual freedom requires letting go of all that was hoisted upon us so that we can be who we truly are. If we want to be spiritually free and emotionally free we have to be willing to LET GO of putting ourselves in a tiny corner, and accept our vastness and depth.

We do this one step at a time, and whatever step we are on is perfect.
On Earth there are a lot of emotions and aspects to heal. Everyone has their areas to work on and some of us might have more layers than others. No matter what our situation is, we don’t have to label what has happened to us as our identity. Instead, we can process what has happened and work more and more to step into our fully empowered selves. This means we process the emotions without clinging to them as our identity.

This meditation includes a setting of sacred space and energy clearing aligned to the Law of One. It addresses specific incidents of emotional disturbance. If you have undergone severe trauma then this meditation is not recommended unless you have done the deep work to clear and recover. Before proceeding, please ask your higher self if this is in alignment for you – yes or no. (25 minutes 45 seconds)

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