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Bringing the Hidden to Light

Pick a Card Reading

The intent of this space is to bring in messages of divine healing, inspiration, and power. The disclaimer is that this message is not for everyone, but it’s for somebody.

Maybe you have a question and one or more of these cards will give you some insight. Maybe the whole message will have meaning for you.

The point for the viewer is to pick a card group that feels most resonant based on your first impression. Then read the cards for that group and see if they have meaning for you. Next read the message to find any jewels that may enhance your experience.
Remember, if it resonates then rock with it, if it doesn’t then it wasn’t for you. Only accept what resonates with your inner guidance and loving heart. Let all else fall away.

This was completed on June 3rd 2023, but the readings are timeless. The deck used is the Activation Affirmation Oracle Deck.

Group 1 Amethyst – Restoring Divine Order

Group 2 Sodalite – The Truth Will Set You Free

Group 3 Rose Quartz – The Yod of God