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Gratitude is Power

When we are constantly in the state of wanting things to be different than what they are, it can be draining. We can drain ourselves and we might drain others. This thoughtform can be so strong that we can be given exactly what we said we wanted, and still find a reason to complain.

If we notice this pattern – we can knock it out of our system with gratitude. When we focus our attention to thankfulness, we can often find more to be grateful for.

Maybe things are horrible, maybe we are lonely, maybe we don’t have the resources we need, and burdens keep piling up. That’s not easy to experience and if that is what is happening, we might not see where we can practice gratitude.

If that’s the case we can always be grateful that gratitude exists. We may not know how to make it exist within us yet, but the fact that it exists can be good news.

We can also make it a habit to thank people in our lives wherever we find space to.