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Spiritual Catalyst

A spiritual catalyst is someone who comes into your life to open a door to some sort of transformation. Sometimes this can be perceived as a potential romantic relationship, but often times it is not a long term partnership because the relationship was meant to be temporary.

Whether it is a friend, work colleague, or romantic interest; we can release any forms of attachment the spiritual catalysts by acknowledging growth and the lessons learned while wishing the person the best on their own journey.

Sometimes we are the spiritual catalyst for others. We inspire them to shift their consciousness, expand their awareness, or make a change in their lives. This can be welcomed, or it can elicit hostile responses. People can lash out in order to protect their current worldview. If we know our role is to plant seeds, then we can plant them and keep it moving; as opposed to getting attached to any sort of outcome or taking the reactions personally.



Created on December 18, 2022 – Last Updated on February 8, 2023 by Jennifer Nelson