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Finding Peace During Difficult Times

Sometimes we want to make big changes in our lives but we can’t because the timing isn’t right. Maybe we have more lessons to learn, maybe someone else has a lesson to learn, or maybe it’s not really about lessons but it’s about waiting for divine right timing.

But this can be very difficult. We live in a world that tells us to go and do and make it happen. We aren’t taught how to just be, and surrender to our highest path. Yet, as we wait for the right timing, our circumstances can feel quite dire, draining and maybe even desperate.

However, in each situation and circumstance we can choose to empower ourselves by focusing on the choices available to us.

Exercise for personal reflection

What is my choice here? I might not have a lot of space to make a choice but I will do what I can. Can I choose to breathe instead of react? Can I say a prayer? Can I say some affirmations?

Am I able to walk away? Can I get some fresh air, if not can I close my eyes and imagine I am breathing fresh air? Can I write in my journal? Can I listen to music? Is there any humor in this situation to lighten the load? Can I exercise? Can I hug myself?

While it’s true that we might not always have a lot of choices, there’s always room for some type of choice that leads to empowerment.

May we all find and remain in our point of inner peace.