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Prayer to Cleanse Earth

Beloved Holy Presence,

Please free Earth and her inhabitants of the False King of Tyranny, the Dark Mother and the many tentacles that extend from this.

May we remember self-leadership, peace, and harmony and allow these virtues to vibrate throughout the Earth.

May relationships be healed. May physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances find balance. May truth prevail.

May evil be stopped in its tracks as we bring in organic timelines of truth.

Holy Mother, Holy Father- Earth is changing yet there is evil that seeks to strike hard as its on the way out. Please provide wisdom, protection, and the mighty armor of God to all who seek it, and to those who would seek it if they knew to.

Please sound the tones of Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La.

Please wipe all tears, soothe all fears, and cover those who need you in love. Please collapse false timelines and terminate intergenerational blood covenants.

Please transit all lunar demonic forces that seek to bind and reverse energy patterns. We do not consent to consciousness traps. We do not consent to electronic harassment. Please provide appropriate transit as sovereign freedom consecrated to God source with all intention now is chosen.

May all who align with this prayer find their strength, power, and dignity even if they are in the most dire circumstances. May grace, ease, and harmony replace strife, force, and imbalance.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please replace organic matrix as God would have it be.

And so it is.

Thank you.